Meet the team


I’m a CS:AI year 2 student and I can help out with many things including: front end, back end, programming in general and version control with git.


Heya I’m Navni Rege! I’m a second year doing Computing for Business and Management. I can help with Maths, Java and programming concepts.


My name is Jonathan Somarib, I am a masters CompSci student. I can help with all things programming from front-end development (HTML/CSS/JS/React) to the backend (Java/PHP/Python)


Hello, my name is Sotiris. I am a graduate of BSc in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence and currently doing my Masters. I am happy to help with anything regarding programming, maths, machine learning and give you some general tips on how to successfully manage your academic obligations.


Hi I am Stathis! I am currently in the second year of my PhD. You can find me in the labs when PAL sessions are running. I am happy to help with Programming (Java, Python), Maths, Machine Learning or anything to do with algorithms. Don’t hesitate to ask a general question about the course as well!


I’m Alexandru. I’m in my second year studying Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence. Some of the things I can help with are Maths, Java, Data Structures and Algorithms and Python. Feel free to message me whenever you have questions!


Hey all, I’m Shaun, also known as ‘PAL Shaun’ on some of the group chats. I’ve been a PAL tutor since 2017 and handle a lot of the social media communication. My specialities are natural language processing (which I am hoping to finalise funding for a PhD in this area in January) and I also TA for a few modules, so any questions about the pure Computer Science course, feel free to either flag me down or send me a message! P.S (You may also spot me at Falmer bar enjoying a nice rum drink, feel free to say hi!).


Hi, I’m Erica and I have been studying Computer Science since my foundation year. I can help with Basic Java, Maths and Artificial Intelligence module problems. Feel free to talk to me during labs 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your faces!


Hey, I’m Joseph
I’m a second year Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence student.
I can aid in a plethora of topics; Data Structures & Algorithms, Java programming, Database’s
and any fundamental Computer Science concepts.


Hey, I’m Jonatan. I’m a second year Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence student. What I can help you with is Maths, Java, web development – html, css, javascript (ReactJS), python (Django, Flask) and any questions about computer science. Feel free to ask questions during our sessions, don’t be shy!


Hello! I’m a third year comp sci student returning from an industrial placement as a software developer. I’m can help with anything from your modules to questions about placements and working in industry. I have a strong back end development background, e.g programming concepts, data structures, java and SQL, though I’m equally happy to help with any other queries!


I am Peter from Hong Kong, currently a final year CS student and could provide help with general programming practice, design patterns and algorithmic related stuffs. Particularly interested in game dev so any question related to that is welcome as well!


This is your standard foreign-sounding, linux-speaking, hype-driven friend Kirill.
Kirill is always eager to lend an overly in-depth explanation, go on a complete tangent for half an hour,
and then teach you half the curriculum by accident.
Don’t be scared of Kirill and ask him many questions, he should be easy to spot.

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