Meet the team

Meet our fantastic team! We strive to help informatics students in whatever way we can. We do our best to make sure we are able to help with as many problems as possible and, as a result, we all have different things were are good at. Find out what they are below.

Shaun Ring


Hey I’m Shaun – I am a second year computer science student. My specialities include maths and programming concepts, but I can also take you through the basics of Java.

Stathis Kagioulis

Hi my name is Stathis and I have just started my PhD. I am happy to help with Maths, Java programming, Data Structures or Computer Systems. My passion is about algortihms and A.I so feel free to come up and chat. Find me in the labs during PAL sessions!

Jon Akin Magbadelo

Hi my name is Jon, and I am a third year Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence student. Generally, I am interested in applying machine learning techniques and software development, and I am happy to help with maths, java and machine learning. Normally, you can catch me in lab 3 upstairs if you have any questions 🙂.

Agam Sahni

Hi my name is Agam and I am a third year Computer Science student. Feel free to ask me for help with Java, Maths and Compilers. Find me in the Labs during PAL sessions

Jacob Ward

Hi I’m Jacob. I’m a 3rd year computer science student. I’m really into Maths & Compilers, but I’m happy to help with questions about Java and Data Structures too. Find me in the Tuesday and Thursday PAL sessions, or if you see me in the lab feel free to bother me!

Alexandru Christiean

I’m Alexandru. I’m in my second year studying Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence. Some of the things I can help with are Maths, Java and Data Structures. Feel free to message me whenever you have questions!

Luna Rain

Hiya my name is Luna and I’m a third year Computing for Digital Media student. I’m most confident helping with anything related to C# or Digital Media subjects such as Introduction to Multimedia, 3D Modelling and Rendering, Programming for 3D, and also basic java such as Introduction to Programming. Find me in the labs during Monday and Wednesday PAL sessions.

Panagiotis Florous

Hello, I am Panos. I am a third year Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence student. I am interested in exploring new upcoming technologies and I am willing to help you with any of your programming and maths modules. If you want more, we can try together to figure out your other pesky modules as well.

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